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Sol Squad Light
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The square rescue concept is the greatest revolution in the history of rescue parachutes since it invention, cause it permits a great projected area and its stability is granted by lateral valves and geometric balance.

The Squad Light can be used for paragliding or paramotor flights. It´s possible to install the parachute in the harness container or in a compatible outer container.
The performance gain of this project permitted the development of a rescue parachute far more light and compact with long lasting materials. 



Characteristics in comparison with traditional parachutes:   
  • 20-30% less opening time;
  • About 20% lighter and more compact;
  • Second generation of square rescues, easier to handle and pack;
  • Better stability in all circumstances;
  • Very low sink rate (10-15% less than the required for each weight limit).
Technical Specs
More Information
Brand Sol
Modelo Model 32 35 38 42 57-Bi  
Peso Weight 1,43 1,63 1,78 1,96 3,00 kg
Peso de Decolagem Take off Weight 55-95 70-110 85-125 100-140 140-220 kg
Área Area 32,00 35,00 38,00 42,00 57,00 m2
Taxa de Queda no Peso Máximo Sink Rate 5,0 5,0 5,0 5,3 5,3 m/s
Altura Total Height 5,84 6,20 6,46 7,04 8,18 m
Total de Linhas Number of lines 17 17 17 17 25  
Litragem Packing Volume 3,3 4,1 5,0 5,8 9 Lt
Certificação Certification EAPR-RG
Air Turquoise 
EP 233.2018




Since 1991 SOL has been producing and following the evolution of materials and products. Our experience makes us choose the materials carefully, thus guaranteeing a good stability and a high safety level. All SOL Parachutes are manufactured in our own plant, certified by DHV. 

Fabric: Nylon Ripstop High Tenacity 20D 30 gr/m2.   
Risers: Flat Dyneema 2500 Dan 5 mm  
Lines: Nylon High Tenacity 180 Dan 3 mm  


Package Includes
  • Inner Rescue Parachute Container
  • User Manual
Reserve Type Square
2-6 weeks